Geoscience underpins the discovery of raw materials, water and energy resources that are critical to the world’s economy. With increasing demand and diminishing supply, focused innovations in geoscience are of paramount importance globally. Ireland is home to Europe’s largest zinc mine, untapped hydrocarbon resources in challenging NE Atlantic deep water environments, and a diverse geological framework with important untapped seabed and groundwater resources. Forming an integrated team of internationally leading researchers and both large- and small-scale industry partners, iCRAG will carry out research to find and harness these resources whilst protecting the environment.

iCRAG is funded under the SFI Research Centres Programme and co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund.

iCRAG will focus on finding solutions for problems such as:

  • safe and secure groundwater supplies
  • the discovery of mineral and aggregate deposits
  • the de-risking of oil and gas exploration

Latest iCRAG News

  • Bruce Mistear
UCD Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences staff Profile Shots
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Fennell Photography 2015

Prof. Misstear elected Secretary General of the International Assoc. of Hydrogeologists

iCRAG Funded Investigator and hydrogeologist Professor Bruce Misstear from Trinity College Dublin […]

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iCRAG at 35th IGC

An iCRAG contingent of Dr Steve Hollis, Dr Roisin Kyne, Dr Thomas […]

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The Evolution of Natural Resources

iCRAG postdoctoral researcher, Dr Thomas Rigeler (iCRAG at TCD) has written an […]